Day 5: Meeting the Architect, Actor & Film Director

On the fifth day of 11th International Children’s Film Festival, Tauquir Ahmed who is an architect, an actor and also an amazing director held another workshop to help our delegates to be flawless on their work. He thinks these workshops are a must for the young filmmakers to improvise and analyze their work. He took the workshop on visual storytelling. He talked about the basic steps of filmmaking. To him, the most important part of filmmaking is idea generating. Tauquir believes it is better to not make films when the work does not reach the satisfactory level. During the discussion, he pointed out different technical sides and used clips made by other prominent filmmakers as examples. This workshop took place at Sufia Kamal Auditorium

Regarding Schools!

By 11:00 am the student from Academia School came to the main venue and they watched ‘Chocolate’ made by Soheil Movaffazgh, ‘Let’s Play’ by Bambang Kuntara Murti, “Cup Of Tea’ by Jitendra rai and ‘Samar’ by Kaveh Jahed. In Goethe-Institut venue student of Amar Pathshala came and enjoyed the screening of ‘The Day My Father Became a Bush’ and ‘Captain Adel’. They were very cheerful after the show. 2:00 pm in the main venue student from Meherunnisa Girls High School came. After the show, they expressed how they loved those movies.


Unity and Hard-work!

Have you been watching our everyday highlights on the Facebook page and Youtube channel? If yes then you must be curious about those people who are continuously working hard on this. Touqir Shaik, Fariha Jahin, Safa Jarin Shukonna, Samia Hasan, Ferdous Ahsan, Salman Sakib Shahryar, Sayedul Abrar: this team of six people is working all day long just to make sure there is sufficient video footage of the whole fest. After they have dumped all their video footages on festival office, Mahib Mahtasim Uthsho, and Fahad Abdullah; this amazing duo works tirelessly to make the highlight video. They all fulfill their responsibility with great sincerity.

Jamming with volunteers!

When the sun goes down the festive mood of all the volunteers illuminates with great joy. They start chit-chatting with each other, take a lot of photos and create unforgettable memories! Wrivu Mustafa and Safin Shudipto from Chitropot starts jamming and gradually everyone starts joining and singing with them. Our festival director Abir Ferdous enjoys them people singing while working on other issues and our former Festival Director Rayeed Morshed enjoys the jamming too by staying in the lounge.

Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne!

We all grew up watching one evergreen film which is “Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne” made by Satyajit Ray. A creative filmmaker Shilpa Ranade from India took initiative to create an animated version of Goopi and Bagha with her own perspective. ‘The World Of Goopi And Bagha’ is the name of her version. Goopi and Bagha are wise fools who love singing and playing the drum. Their passion and love keep them going despite their acute ineptness and as a result, they are banished to the forest. They sing and dance their newfound friendship while being surrounded by melancholic ghosts who gave them 4 boons. The following film continues as this strong bond between two hapless souls search for their passion. This film was screened at the main venue, Central Public Library at 4 pm.

That is all for the day 5. Please stay connected to the website to discover more about what actually happens in this festival! And do not forget to visit the festival website for the screening schedule. Because if do not do so, you might miss something very interesting!


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