Children’s Film Society Bangladesh (CFS) is a youth-led organization working for children on the issue of the film. CFS visions to impact the entire film industry of Bangladesh by inspiring the upcoming generation of filmmakers and offering them a bigger platform to exercise and exhibit their talent.

It was established on 17th August 2006 realizing the fact that the film, as the most powerful media of art of the present time was not being used for our children properly as a strong tool of learning and entertainment. The society was formed in a meeting by some leading educationists, writers, cultural and film society activists of the country, which was presided over by Professor Anisuzzaman, The society started its operation from 10th September 2006 by organizing a 3 day long film session at the auditorium of Goethe-Institute Bangladesh.

The society is run by a 15 members executive committee formed for two years term. At present, Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, a leading writer, educationist and social activist, is the president and Munira Morshed Munni, a leading female photojournalist, is the general secretary of the organization. Besides, the society has an advisory committee headed by eminent artist Mustafa Monwar.

Children’s Film Society, Bangladesh is registered in Bangladesh Film Censor Board as a film society under the Film Societies Registration and Regulation Act 1980. The registration number is: FC-3/2007 BFCB Dated 3rd June 2007.

exposure to world

Film has turned to be a language of people that transcend boundaries and became universal. Through film, one can express his/her greater thoughts regarding anything and everything and present it to the world. Children Film Society Bangladesh has always felt this urge of letting children know about this greatest form of art. Since the day of establishing, CFS has been working tiringly to introduce Bangladeshi kids to the big world of cinema. For that purpose, we have the prestige to be the organizer of the most enthusiastic film event of Bangladesh, ‘International Children’s Film Festival Bangladesh’ since 2007. Every year we get huge responses through submissions  of films from many countries like India, USA, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Iran, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Sweden, Egypt, Bulgaria, Thailand, Mexico and so on. In our 13thfestival, There were more than hundreds of international films screening each year  participating from more than 39 countries. This year, in 14th ICFF which will be held 30 January to 5 February with the participation of 37 countries with striking number of film submissions. This huge responses have been possible due to our promising activities regarding development of films. We serve two types of facilities being the only place for  Bangladeshi children to reach world films. 

One, enjoyment of watching film. Children come to our venues to watch films with their parents holding their hands, school kids with their classmates arrive by our festival’s bus or teenagers with their  friends group attend our event. You are always welcome to enjoy even if you are an adult. Here they get to know about the different genres of films, they get in touch with the many types of thoughts and ideas about various lifestyles. They see the courage of the kids of other countries creating beautiful cinematography with such great stories and feel inspired to make their own.

Two, the opportunity to compete with foreign filmmakers. Young and passionate filmmakers get the chance to prove themselves in this international platform that helps them to directly interact with  advanced film industry of the world. Most notably, Bangladeshi young delegates has never failed to amaze us by winning awards in international section and make us proud. We also arrange training sessions for them to learn about important techniques of films from great directors, film crews and actors. This workshops are helpful and appreciated by the young delegates.

Film & cinema has been a powerful element for any nation as it chronicles history and depicts the present. Bangladeshi kids who cherish ambition of contributing in this enriched industry,  CFS and ICFFs’ is the perfect initial point of their journey to help them and wish them good luck.

bring junior filmmaker

We believe only a seven days annual program can never be enough for young filmmakers. So besides ICFF we arrange lots of events and courses to make  opportunities of learning about filmmaking and interacting with the people of same. “Golpoghor” is another monthly program organized by Children Film Society where prominent cultural personalities conduct a seminar over different topics with the film enthusiast children and young adults in Bangladesh. The first session of this event happened on September 06 2019 where Nuhash Humayun was the special guest. In a reply of another question he said he wants to do work on good stories whether it is a telefilm or TV commercial. As Nuhash Humayun is a director of young generation, these information about his workstyle, work ethics and goals were helpful and easy to relate for the audience. Nevertheless  spending two- hours with the people of same kind of interests, same thoughts and dreams is undoubtedly a pleasing experience.

So, even if you are not intended to make a film but have high interests in this field, keep your eyes on our website and Facebook page and do come to enjoy our next  sessions of “Golpoghor”.

Nourishing potential filmmakers

CFS is a place to turn your desire of making films into success. During our each festival, three or more workshops are arranged for the delegates conducted by many famous figures of our country. One of the greatest directors of our country Amitabh Reza told about his magic tricks of films during his workshop in 9th festival. Actor and director Taukir Ahmed came to our 11th festival taught about the difference  of small and big screen. Mark Bishop came twice in 11th and 12th festival and guided the young delegates about planning and teamwork to make a film. Indian filmmaker Arun Gupta was at our 11th festival  and gave analysis about  theory of film making to delegates. Another renowned director Giasuddin Selim interacted with delegates telling his struggling and successful life journey in 12th festival. Nationally Awarded actresses Nusrat Imroz Tisha, Jaya Ahsan and  talented famous television star Rafiath Rashid Mithila and traveler Nazmun Nahar also came at different times and motivated the delegates and relished the significance of our CFS and its events.

‘Teen Film Workshop’  is one of the most engaging and influencing addition of Children’s Film Society  Bangladesh for teens of age between 13-19. It’s a yearly event where participants will be taught about the real time experience of making films. Anyone enthusiastic teenager can know about  almost everything from techniques of holding a camera to make a complete screenable cinema. They come with just a story and get their stories molded and shaped to a successful film throughout the program. The participants get  opportunity of special screening and facilities of a delegate during the festival. The first 1.0 was held at British Council, in 2006 where huge number of teens participated. One of the most proficient filmmaker of Mostofa Sarowar Farooki came to our event that year to teach about some exclusive skills of direction. In the next year workshop, Giasuddin Selim instructed about basic and expert sound director Ripon Nath who is responsible for amazing audio art of  film “Aynabajji” imposed the necessity of accurate uses of sounds while making a film in TFW 3.0.

TFW 4.0 has started in  September 2019 conducted by total nine instructors and  this program will be ended in January 2020. Brilliant and beautiful actress Afsana Haque Mimi gave the idea of ‘acting’, most important element  as it creates a bridge of storyteller, director and audience in the first class. Urgency of correct script formation in this competitive world of film taught by film critic and scholar Sadia Khalid Reeti. Sound Director, Nahid Masud instructed about right way of incorporation of sound efficiently. Sameer ahmed  showed the importance of the most sensitive and comprehensive element editing which converge all other elements as a unit. We again could have the honor to get Giasuddin Selim among us. Touqir Shaik showed the teens about play of lights in a film. Another two genius art director Uttam Guha taught the participants about the design of set and frames. Tanvir Ahsan taught about production design to our spirited young.

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