Day 7: The last day of 11th International Children’s Film Festival

Today is the very last day of 11th International Children’s Film Fest. After lunch, Dr. Muhammed Zafar Iqbal the president of Children’s Film Society Bangladesh gave Certificates to the young Bangladeshi filmmakers.

Closing Time!

At sharp 5:00 pm the closing ceremony started by the presence of Mustafa Monwar the respected Advisory Council Chairman of Children’s Film Festival, Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal the president, Munira Morshed Munni, a leading female photojournalist, who is also the general secretary of the organization, Morshedul Islam the founder of Children’s Film Society Bangladesh and Abir Ferdous the present Festival Director of Children’s Film Society Bangladesh.

Award Winning Films.

In the closing ceremony, participants were being rewarded by the honorable guests. In Child Filmmakers’ Section- Bangladesh; the best film was ‘One Two Three’ directed by S.M. Azmain Awsaf Arnob. Second best film was ‘Friend’ directed by Ishmum Naoar. And the third best film was ‘Shadows’ directed by Samin Kader.
There were also two special awards which were given to the film ‘journey By Life’ directed by Fahim Ahmed and ‘Film Crazy’ directed by Sharmin Tonnima.
In Child Filmmakers’ Section- International; the best Film was ‘iRony’ directed by Radheya Jegatheva.
In International Filmmaker’s Section, the Best Feature Film was ‘Wallay’ directed by Berni Goldblat. Best Short Film was ‘The Beep Test’ directed by Maxime Aubert. And the Best Director was Mr. Adrian Goiginger the director of ‘Die Beste Aller Welten.’
In Young Bangladeshi Filmmakers’ Section, ‘The Funeral’ directed by Tanzina Rahman got the Young Talent Award.
Ann finally in the Social Film Section, ‘Dread’ directed by Farha Jabin Oyshee got Social Film Award.

Laughing Tears.

The 11th International Children’s Film Festival came to an end by introducing all the teams who have been working very hard for past two or three months and not to mention, during the whole festival. Each team came to the stage individually and cordially thanked everyone for staying with them and supporting them in every step. During this 7-day long festival, the bonding with their mates became stronger, they have also made some new friend. They became so attached to the festival and the people that they had to bid each other goodbye with a very heavy heart.
After that, award-winning films were screened and everyone enjoyed those films with their fellow mates.

This is all for the very last day of 11th International Children’s Film Festival. Please stay connected to the website and facebook page for further information.


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