Day 4: Learning to Appreciate Films

On the very fourth day of this week-long Children’s Film Festival, Arun Gupta, a film instructor, held a workshop on ‘Film Appreciation’ at the Sufia Kamal Institute, Shahbag. He is a teacher at the National Institute of design, Ahmedabad. He has been working there for 21 years as a film Instructor. After the ice-breaking part, he started the workshop by showing a French film called “Game Over” and discussed it afterward. He spoke to the delegates about film composition, alignment and framing thoroughly. During the workshop, he kept asking different questions from different aspects and the delegates kept answering with enthusiasm. Before ending the workshop Arun Gupta showed a documentary on Charlie Chaplin called “Unknown Charlie”. Later on, he explained how Charlie Chaplin used to take shots, how he used same props for different usage.


When work turns into fun!

Every year the decoration team of Children’s Film Society Bangladesh does the whole decoration for this 7-day long fest. But this year the volunteers got a little bored with the traditional outlook of their stalls. So they have decided to do a fun initiative which is to re-decorate their stalls! To make things more fun and lively our former Festival Director Rayeed Morshed has asked them to do a competition among themselves. Rakeeb Razzaq a young cartoonist who is also a volunteer of Children’s Film Festival helped other teams with their basic drawings and then the volunteers worked together. Team Press and Media think their unique decoration will make them win the competition. But the Sales team does not think so because they think their design is more fascinating. On the other hand, a delegate from India, Rukshana Tabassum went a step ahead and started doodling by herself. All these people are working very hard on their stalls. Despite being in a friendly competition, they are very helpful to each other! The result will be decided by counting the votes of all volunteers.

Pure Joy!

Today the festival compound was lightened up with total four school kids. At 11:00 am children’s from Academia School came with their teacher and classmates in Shawkat Osman Hall, Central Public Library, Shahbag. They loved the movie ‘Hero Steps’ most. Around 2:00 pm children’s from Teach For Bangladesh came to the festival and enjoyed three movies.
On another hand, in Alliance Française venue became filled by the students of Marie Curie School and Rampura Ekramunnesa Boy’s High School. And they loved the film ‘Kaphal’ most.

Adventure is worthwhile!

Nazmun Nahar, a travel enthusiast who has traveled more than 90 countries was the guest of today’s Celebrity Adda. She was very lively during the whole time. She described how she fell in love with traveling and how her love for traveling become a passion. When she was describing how she along with her three other friends went on a road trip and visited seven countries; her eyes were shining like a diamond. And how she felt infinite while traveling to the Moon Valley in Chile. She got goosebumps while telling her near-death experience while tracking on Rainbow Mountain, Peru. Nazmun was amused when she saw how people of Jamaica still appreciates Bob Marley like they used to do a long ago! During the chit-chat, she showed a lot of pictures of her traveling and carrying of the national flag of Bangladesh. Nazmun wants to travel the whole world and promote her nation through traveling. The Celebrity Adda ended with question-answer session followed by a couple of group photos with her.

“Akhi O Tar Bondhura”

The 4th day of 11th International Children’s Film Festival came to an end by the screening of ‘Akhi O Tar Bondhura’ which is made by respected director Morshedul Islam who is also the founder of Children’s Film Society Bangladesh. The movie is based on the popular novel by Muhammad Zafar Iqbal.

That is all for day 4. Please stay connected to the website to discover more about what actually happens in this festival! And do not forget to visit the festival website for the screening schedule. Because if do not do so, you might miss something very interesting!


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