Day 3: People Overflowed on the Screening of Teen workshop 2.0!

“Zero budget, zero experience!” –  Part Two

29th January, the 3rd day of 11th International Children’s Film Festival was started with the last session of Mark Bishop’s 2-day long workshop. In the previous day, Mark asked the participants to instantaneously shoot some everyday objects with their mobile phone. And today, at the very beginning of the workshop he watched and analyzed each of them and enlightened the young filmmakers about their flaws. This exciting 2-day long workshop came to an end by re-creating their previous work and analyzing it thoroughly by themselves.


Regarding school team

The third day of the festival also started with the joyous presence of a bunch of school kids from different schools. Around 11:00 am, at the main venue, the whole festival was full of lively kids from Meherunnesa Girls School & College and Government Laboratory High School. Around 2:00 pm the whole venue was surrounded by South Point School and College and Gonobhaban Government High School. They were roaming around the festival compound, watching movies, chit-chatting with their mates and meeting our volunteers and delegates.


Teen Film Workshop

Back in August 2017 Children’s Film Society Bangladesh has arranged a teen film workshop named, ‘Teen Film Workshop 2.0’. In this workshop, the participants have learned the basic techniques of cinematography, filmmaking and film direction. As a part of the film workshop, the participants made short films which were screened today at Sufia Kamal Auditorium, Shahbag. There were 5 short films made by the participants in different groups. “Amenar Golpo, Biprotip, Victim, Unmochon, The Cat Story” these are the five short films which were made by the participants. And the show was houseful! People were even sitting on the carpet, standing behind the chair to watch their creation. All of those young filmmakers showed their wit and skill simultaneously.

“Amenar Golpo” was based on gender discrimination. “Victim” was based on the idea of being the slave of thyself. Among these films “The Cat Story” was the hilarious one. On the other hand, “Biprotip” is the film where those young filmmakers showed their wit in whole script and cinematography. And “Unmochon” was all about a little boy who thinks his mother underestimates him and he wants to prove his mother wrong.

This is pretty much all for day three. And do not forget to visit the festival website for the screening schedule!


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