“Surviving the hard times is a victory itself!”

Hosting an event like ICFF was not easy this time, it was more distinctive than the last 14 festivals hosted by Children’s Film Society. Last year, the pandemic disrupted our typical everyday life. Due to that, whether or not we would be able to pull off the festival was a suspicion. However, we did it observing all precautions provided by the Ministry of Health. In mid of the ongoing pandemic, it was not possible to have Muhammed Zafar Iqbal with us present like the usual times yet, we managed to be connected with him by the help of the internet. We approached him with a few questions where he shared his thoughts with us about the 14th International Children’s Film Festival Bangladesh 2021. Upon asking about his impressions, he went on telling how surprising it was as he did not expect this year’s festival to take place because of the unfavorable circumstances, it is incredible!


He ended his answer with a saying in Bengali which suggests that surviving the hard times is itself a victory and that we are victorious! 

2021 marks the golden jubilee of Bangladesh’s independence hence, we screened special films under the ‘Films on Liberty’ section and invited three respected freedom fighters for an interactive session with the delegates.

He adds this would certainly help our young generation who had not seen the liberation war, it is an opportunity to know about its significance which is important for children. Lastly, sir completed it by suggesting on the growth of our Children’s Film Society Bangladesh by reaching more children from the rural region of our community in the future.


-Navina Noon


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