Audience Tales

 The International Children’s Film Festival has always been about our dear audiences who come to watch films. The 14th was no exception as well. Just outside the auditorium, a little girl was spotted with her mother. When asked, she replied, “I came to see a movie I performed in! I am an actress myself, you know!” Her mother was elated as well. She said, “I am truly proud of this festival as it gives little children a chance to enjoy movies made especially for them.”


Another child audience came out of the auditorium and posed for the camera. He was excited, had a photo clicked with a smile and a peace sign. When asked about his experience, he said, “It is so easy to understand these movies. That is why I came here to watch movies.” A group of teenagers came out of the auditorium and they were chatting excitedly. “It is so enjoyable to watch movies made by kids of our age,” they said. The social distancing is maintained in the auditorium as well. There were audiences of all ages at the festival premises. They maintained safety measures and kept their masks on the whole time. The vibrance that our audiences add to the festival is what makes this festival alive. 


-Rahnuma Tahsin


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