Starting with Triple Trouble!


The curtains of the big screen will be opened by our Polish friends, Julka, Olek and Felka. Maybe they will not be present in person but they will join us from the screen! They all will be seeing us from the movie ‘Triple Trouble’, which will be the opening film of the 14th International Children’s Film Festival Bangladesh 2021. 

This movie is directed by the Polish director and sociologist, Marta Karwowska. She has made films based on her own scripts and adores her created characters to the core. 

Julka, a troubled girl, was finally finding happiness with her best friend, Olek and her aunt who was taking care of her while her parents are abroad but things get complicated when her aunt is falsely accused of stealing an exclusive painting. Julka has to find the real thief. Normally, she would depend on Olek for help but this time he is distracted. He is trying to impress a newly-met girl named Felka. Felka is 12 years old and quite the opposite of Julka. She is a happy optimistic girl with a lovable family and quite a crazy trouble maker. 

Want to know how these three create a triple trouble? Keep your eyes on the screens!


-Tahseen Nower Prachi


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