Paharika-The Logo Film

After years of animated logo film this year it was decided to shoot a live-action logo film to bring a transformation for the festival. The theme of the 14th International Children’s Film Festival Bangladesh 2021 is ‘mountain’ and based on this, ‘PAHARIKA’ was created by Asif Ul Islam and his team. It shows us that two children paint mother nature overlooking a factory construction site that apparently spoils the whole view and endangers the environment. Through the painting, they want to ensure that their home ground is well protected from the obnoxious hands of modernization. After the first industrial revolution back in 1760, the modernization that we experience is intended for making our life easier and sustainable but we disregarded the question “At what expense?”.

our very own “Paharika” was accomplished by talented Asif Ul Islam and his team, who have toiled sincerely without any room for doubt.

-Navina Noon


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