Day 6 : With the Artists

The sixth day of the 13th International Children’s Film Festival started with the joyful presence of school kids. Students from around five schools came to the Shawkat Osman Hall, Public Library.

Here is the highlight of the sixth day of the festival

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Interactive Sessions

An interactive session with the freedom fighter Haroon Habib took place around 3 PM at Sufia Kamal Auditorium. There he shared some of his stories about taking photos during the liberation war in 1971.

Around 6 PM, Farzana Wahid Shayan started an interactive session and there she talked about her story. Shayan is a musician who thinks it is necessary to respect all sorts of preferences in music and that sometimes simplicity is the key to express one’s mind.

Today’s Screenings:
8 films were screened at the Shawkat Osman Hall, PublicLibrary on the sixth day of the week-long festival.

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