Day 2: Theories of storytelling

On the very second day of 12th International Children’s Film Festival, the main venue, the central public library was almost taken over by a bunch of enthusiastic school kids from Lalmatia Housing High School! The first part of the festival was very lively as those charming kids roamed around the premise with glee.


Story Telling

Around 10:00 AM, children’s film society held a workshop conducted by Bangladeshi filmmaker Piplu R. Khan. He is the director of the historical documentary ‘Hasina: A Daughter’s Tale’ as well. The workshop took place at the Sufia Kamal Auditorium. He spoke to the young filmmakers about some crucial technic of filmmaking. Basically, the workshop is about the theories of storytelling. He mentioned how apathy drives negativity in society when youngsters think of perceiving the idea of going to institutions. He ended his session by saying that the art of visualizing life should be institutionalized.

Interactive Session

Around 06:00 pm, a session was conducted by director-documentarian Shahin Dil Raj who flew all the way from Berlin. After the screening of his docu-fiction film ‘The Projectionist,’ he sat down with the delegates to have a chat about the ins and outs of filmmakers and their tools.

Shahin Dil Raj left for Germany after to pursue his education on film after finishing intermediate. He currently lives in Berlin and makes films and documentaries. This is his first-time visit to the festival.

Today’s Screenings

Today almost 31 films were screened on Shawkat Osman Hall, central public library. And 45 more on three different venues. Another attraction of the festival was the social film section, and today four of them was screened. As this film festival encourages children and young filmmakers, the child filmmaker section consists of 18 short films. And the rest of the films will be screened at different venues on different days throughout the whole festival.

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