Day 6: Heartwarming presence of Freedom Fighter

07 March, on the sixth day of 12th International Children Film Festival, Mejbaur Rahman Sumon conducted another workshop to help our delegates improve and correct the flaws of their work.  The workshop took place at Sufia Kamal Auditorium of National Museum.

He started his career as a director. He is also known as a musician and a composer. He is a significant member of one of the most praised and prominent bands in Bangladesh, Meghdol.

Visual Storytelling

His direction depicts the culture and lifestyle of the Bangladeshi people. Many of his television production got many appraisals. He made an animated movie named ‘Gopal Bhar’ around the year 2000.

Regarding School

By 11:00 am the student from Lake Circus Girls High School came to the main venue at Public Library. They were very cheerful after the screening, as they expressed how much they loved the movies. They were roaming around the festival compound, watching movies, meeting our volunteers and delegates all with great enthusiasm and high energy.

Around 01:30 pm kids of New Model Bohumukhi High School and Moneshwar Govt. Primary School came to the man venue with a cheery mood. They too enjoyed the movies as much as anyone could. The mischievous kids filled the whole premise with life as they seemed to have the most fun around there.

Meet the Honourable Freedom Fighters

Around 03:00 pm another session began starring our honorable freedom fighters. They spoke of the days of war and told the attendees valiant stories. Their stories shivered chills down the delegates spines.


Asad Chowdhury and Abed Khan, two of the most prominent figures of our country, one is a poet and the other a journalist, conducted the session. Asad Chowdhury told the delegates how the radios songs and announcements had a great impact on the courage of the fighters. Abed Khan recalled the time when they had to go an extended period of time with shower and without even changing their clothes. The whole session was very heartwarming and that was evident on the faces of the attendees.


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