Day 2: Festival Venue Was Illuminated by Children

28th January, the very second day of 11th international children’s film festival! Today in the main venue, central public library, the festival begins with a bunch of school kids from ‘Tejgaon Govt. Girls’ High School’. The first part of the festival was very lively with the arrival of those charming kids. And they absolutely enjoyed every moment of the screening with their classmates.

“Zero budget, zero experience!”

Around 10:00 am, children’s film society held a workshop conducted by Mark Bishop, who is a director and an actor himself. The workshop took place at the “Sufia Kamal Auditorium”, Shahbag. At first, to make the young filmmakers feel at ease, Mark held an ice-breaking session. He spoke to the young filmmakers about “Zero budget, zero experience” technic of filmmaking. He encouraged them to practice more and to improve their technical skills and to use mobile phones when the professional equipment is unavailable. Mark especially advised them on different aspects of films. He also mentioned that it is important for them to have fun while they are working. Mark believes that spreading the knowledge holds more importance than focusing on the learning part. The first day of the 2-day long workshop came to an end with the great satisfaction and bonding between our delegates and Mark.

Today’s Screening

Today almost 20 films were screened from the Non-Competitive section on ‘Shawkat Osman Hall, central public library. And 50 more on three different venues. Another attraction of the festival was the social film section, and today 6 of them was screened. As this film festival encourages children and young filmmakers, the Child filmmaker section consists 21 short films and 13 short films were screened today at Sufia Kamal Auditorium, National Museum. And rest of the films will be screened at different venues on different days throughout the whole festival.

The musician who speaks to your heart

The 2nd day of 11th international children’s film festival ended with the segment ‘Celebrity Adda’ with Shayan Chowdhury Arnob. Arnob is a very talented and humble human being, who is particularly known for his unique melodious music composition. During the chit-chat, he mentioned about how he came into music and how much he appreciates art. He also expressed his unconditional love for painting. He came to the festival with a box full of finished and unfinished puppets made by him. And he told the audience how much he enjoys making them!
Even though he does not perform that much anymore, he could not say no to the request of the loving audience. He sang a Rabindra sangeet and then one of his famous song “Hariye Giyechhi” for them. After a while, when everyone thought that the celebrity session came to the end cause it is almost 7:30 pm! But no! It did not! Because there was a belated birthday surprise cake for Arnob arranged by our ‘Event Team’. Our volunteers and delegates along with our festival director and co-ordinators celebrated Arnob’s birthday by cutting the cake and singing the birthday song to him. Bading him goodbye the event came to the end.

That is all for day 2. Please stay connected to the website to discover more about what actually happens in this festival!! And do not forget to visit the festival website for the screening schedule! Because who knows which movie brings out the inner child of you!?


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